A jaguar called Alfred 

A jaguar called Alfred 


updates and upgrades 

Optimising oil flow

There is a list of upgrades and modifications required to run Alfred at Bonneville salt flats 

first on the list is to optimise the oil flow

First I machined a new housing from billet to replace the old and complex filter assembly , the AN12 main fittings ensure full oil flow through a  mocal high flow oil filter head into a setrab proline oil cooler and then gets regulated by a Peterson remote oil pressure relief valve , plumbing the system this way ensures 100% of the oil is filtered 

New dash

A complete new wrap around dashboard with more accurate gauges along with a new wiring harness 

Bell housing 

We needed to remove the gearbox from Alfred to fit a better performance clutch with a more positive lock 

Usually this is a few hours job but ….

The 360 degree 6mm scatter shield that I originally fitted to the std alloy bell housing to contain a clutch or flywheel explosion has impeded gearbox removal slightly, To the point where swearing / bandages and cutting equipment was needed for its removal

Now needing a new bell housing and a shield  only one option remains 

I would love to buy a shiny new blow proof housing , but as with everything on Alfred it has to custom made

A bit of a challenge this one , A new bell housing in 6mm plate steel was made using an alignment spindle  to keep everything accurate and tapered dowels for a perfect fit 

Now the whole assembly can be removed and replaced easily 

A fair bit of work but i am pleased with how it turned out  

Custom made distributor 

On the second test run at elvington, it became apparent that we had a major problem with the distributor and the engine would not Rev over 2200 rpm

 Fitting a Ecu controlled wasted spark system would be easy and the most common but it just didn’t  seam right  in a classic car 

So I decided to build a distributor using parts from different jaguar units

It has two pick ups and a v12 reluctor  with six equal segments removed ,this seamed the perfect approach as both pulses would be in unison, then both pick ups were phased in , using a dual channel oscilloscope ,fitted with a marelli v12 cap and rotor arm , I can now run two hi output ignition coils 

The engine sounds  so much better and now revs up cleanly

Keeping cool 😎

A Davies craig electric water pump now takes care of the coolant flow and is controlled by a digital programer this also controls the fans too allowing us to dial in the optimal running temperature 

Denso compact alternator 

These tiny alternators are perfect when space is tight

Normally  fitted to Daihatsu copen / hi-jet and Kubota mini excavators , but perfect for Alfred 

Really cool people 

Because we will be running in a warmer climates and for longer periods

A new larger radiator is required , we contacted Coolex Heat Transfer for advice, These guys really know how to be cool 

Following lots of discussions . emails and two on site visits to design and calculate exact dimensions , coolant capacity and flow rates

Coolex have built Alfred a very special and unique aluminium radiator .complete with a capacity matched header expansion tank

special thanks to their skilled welder Paul Prince (pictured) for his talents

we are proud and excited to have Coolex on board

look out for their logo on Alfred  


Aerodynamic vision

This visionary image was done by a friend of mine Neo , the brief was to try and make Alfred  more aerodynamic without losing the classic looks 

I think he got it spot on

We  love it , now if I can only make it a reality 

Shaping up

Hard to visualise it here , hope it turns out like Neo’s design

Looking a little mad max style here , ready for a trial fit and then add the splitter 

Venting air

 Reverse louvers added to extract air from the radiator grill ,  in doing so it also added some aggressiveness to the car 

Oblong holes at the sides are lifting points as the new front end will be completely removable 

although the front is bigger than the previous one . It’s now a lot lighter without the hinges and associated frame work 

Making progress 

I got sidetracked with the bodywork when a box of blue silicone hoses arrived so finally got the plumbing finished up and the wiring for all the temp sensors 

Almost done

 Alfred is back . Looking a little different than before and running sweet with all the modifications . Next step is testing at Elvington air airfield York 

Mintex shakedown 

Our brakes sponsor Mintex kindly allowed us to use their test facility at Seaton  Ross in Yorkshire for a few shakedown runs .  As this was a private test session . we removed Alfred’s exhaust baffles and with a check list . We dedicated each run to monitor each modification we had made . With only one minor issue . we need to uprate  the front suspension  springs  and bump stops but everything else was working perfectly , An absolutely fantastic day 


After months of preparation we were finally ready for Bonneville, unfortunately due to the global shipping mess . Prices  had more than quadrupled and with uncertain arrival dates . We had no alternative but to postpone our trip until next year 

we watched online with envy . as the racers arrived at the salt flats and then the weather took a turn for the worse and the dry salt bed became a lake 

SCTA cancelled speed week for 2022 

in some respects we were fortunate. But really feel for the guys that travelled out there